Buffalo Marketing Company

Audio Engineering Company

Project: Managed services, SEO services, and web development
Role: Project Lead
Company: Audio Engineering Company (Buffalo, NY)

The agency has provided SEO Services and currently provides Managed Services for a local audio engineering company. The company is a supplier of choice for original equipment manufacturers looking for quality loudspeakers, dynamic receivers, electret condenser microphones, and custom audio transducer enclosure systems.


Our strategy involved the production and marketing of long-form content, on-site conversion optimization, and long-tail keyword targeting. Because of the technical nature of the business, we produced sophisticated, in-depth content on a wide range of very specialized manufacturing topics.


  • Promoted industry thought leadership through publication of on-site technical blog content.
  • Showcased competitiveness and relevance through long-form service page content aimed at industrial engineers.
  • Acquired relevant links to engineering-themed websites and blogs using the newly created long form service page content.


Website traffic increased 128 percent from the start of our SEO campaign.


Thanks to implementation of lead generation footer and additional lead generation forms on high traffic pages, the company’s conversions are up 325 percent.


In 12 months of SEO work, organic search traffic has jumped 190 percent, which demonstrates the importance of search engine optimization.