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Finding Right Topics for New Blog Posts

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There is a challenge when finding right topics for new blog posts. Bloggers can wrack their brains trying to write a blog that is useful to the reader. In this article, we will explore a wide array of paths to develop unique blog ideas.

Identifying Goals

You’ve created a blog on your company’s site or your website. The next step is to develop identifiable goals.

  • Rank highly in search engines
  • Inspire others through topics like travel and health
  • Give a reference point to their remarks
  • Find a unique audience
  • Covert unique audience to take an action
  • Catch the attention and encourage sharing of specific influences

What should an individual article accomplish?

  • Assist readers to achieve a goal that they have
  • Needs to inform people and entertain
  • Inspire readers to share the article with others
  • Continue to promote and build your brand

Blog Post Suggestions for Beginners

Are there some unanswered or poorly answered questions in your topic area where your audience seeks answers. You need to search for the knowledge or the ability to find the answer to their question.

Every business has individuals who have questions which are unanswered. These concerns come from new individuals entering the business or business experts who are uncomfortable asking questions which make them look dumb.

Then do your homework and study answers to these questions. From the studying, you’ll learn nobody has developed the right response and sometimes there’s not an appropriate answer.

Avoid delivering incorrect answers to your audience. Wrong answers to questions are often:

  • too broad – that the response covers a lot of topics and does not deliver a distinct answer
  • too narrow – that the response is short and restricted
  • irrelevant – that the response isn’t directly related to the question
  • erroneous – the response distorts or contradicts truth in the passage
  • illogical – that details in the passage don’t support the response

Have you got access to specific kinds of resources which other individuals don’t?

For this reason, you have to pick topics that peek your audience curiosity. The majority of the time, this usually means supplying some worth to them. You would like to produce something that is truly exceptional and provide information and ideas which nobody else is breaching.

You are a vessel of knowledge that is unique to your situation. No one has the same experience, and one answer does not apply to every situation. You should not be afraid to provide your feedback on any asked question no matter how many times a solution was submitted.

Relating a personal experience to your blog post

Sharing a situation which created similar problems that your audience has faced is smart. How you navigated the situation or found a resolution is essential. By giving your readers a real-world scenario even if your answer was incorrect share the story. Your mistake can help others avoid a similar fate.

Consider keeping the following repositories that can be then spun into a blog post or used to support another. The key is always to be recording everything you do if possible.

  • Take Photos – If you are running a travel or cooking blog, this goes without being said. But, also photos are helpful with just about any blog topic.
  • Keep a Journal – You do not need to become Nancy Drew. Just jotting down a few cliff notes of the day in general on the highs and lows of your work. Also, think about any pertinent conversation you had during the day especially ones that dealt with how to handle a challenge.

Cover a trending topic in your area

As soon as we begin on the road to blogging success, we start by choosing a market, and it’s within that market we find our target audience.

Places to find trending themes:


The very first thing that you will want to do in case you have not already is to sign up for related subreddits into your specialty.

Facebook Interest Lists

Segment your newsfeed into interest lists. Interest lists offer you a method to filter and sort the content passing through your newsfeed each hour.

Trending Topics on Facebook and Twitter

Learn what your friends and followers are speaking about on social networks by watch Trending Topics.


Quora permits you to search for questions their users have asked in specific topics. And since Quora users may vote on what questions they discover most pressing, you can learn the subject’s popularity.

Your RSS Feed

Subscribe to pertinent and your favorite sites to stay on top of the most significant trends in your industry.

Research Keywords

The following keyword research tools will help you figure out what people are searching for:

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