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Hospitality Consulting and Branding Strategy

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Buffalo Marketing Company provides hospitality consulting, internal branding strategy, and tools combined with custom research capabilities you can use to benchmark, track, and identify areas of brand weakness and strength.

Internal Brand Strategy

We provide internal branding strategy and tools combined with a measurement program to allow you to benchmark, coach, and immediately identify areas of brand weakness and strength.

Buffalo Marketing Company helps brands with the following:

  • Service Models
  • Brand Pillars
  • Internal brand promise articulation and communication
  • Culture Guides
  • Brand Standards manuals
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Custom Research

Research is the first step and completed through an audit of your operations. The fluidity of your daily activities reflects your success or failure in your marketing plan. Everything your business does has an impact on your brand from how you treat your customers to your staff’s knowledge and professionalism.

Understanding Customer Needs

Do you know your customers? The success of any restaurant, bed, and breakfast, or hotel is dependent upon knowing this answer. You can not scale or successfully target new customers without understanding who is your customer. Buffalo Marketing Company monitors your customers’ satisfaction and whether you are meeting their requirements. We create a profile of your current customer base and work with you to define a plan around them. If you desire to appeal to a different customer base, we work with you to develop a course of action to attract new clientele. We examine trends over time and identify steps that have led to brand loyalty.

Employee Engagement Research

Your employees are critical in how you deliver your brand. You need to consider your employees as brand ambassadors. You have to ask the question do your employees understand your mission, vision, and values. Employee surveys and one-on-one meeting allow the ability to measure their engagement and their willingness to support your brand. We then introduce training and team building. We create a custom plan to measure employee engagement based on custom-design research programs to help the uniqueness of your business.

Hospitality Consulting

Whether you have just opened or have been in operation for decades, we start by aligning with your current initiatives, mission, vision, and values. The hospitality industry is highly competitive, and with us, on your side, you have an advantage over your competitors.

Our plan also places emphasis and a focus on improving operations. The operations that the collaborative focuses on are listed below.

  • Boutique hotel management
  • Operations and departmental set-up
  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Management and staff recruitment
  • Staff training
  • Standards creation and implementation
  • Amenities

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